Clinical and engineering knowledge for a better drug delivery method

Combining clinical expertise with engineering ambitions can lead to endless possibilities. In our latest interview in Amazing Erasmus, Martijn van Doorn (Erasmusmc Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and I share our vision for a future where patients can receive injections without needles, increasing the effectiveness of medical treatments, while reducing waste generated before and after each […]


Injecting without needles: more efficient and less pain

Prikken zonder naald: zuiniger en minder pijnlijk Injecting without needles can be done more efficiently and causing less pain. The very prestigious news magazine NRC (Dutch) gave a great recount of what our efforts are aimed at and its reach. The article mentions our plans to collaborate with Anna Roukens, from LUMC.


The importance of Empathy for Engineers

My first assay in Dutch was published first at the KIVI website, and later appeared in print (shorter version) in the magazine De Ingenieur. It deals with my meditations over the last couple of years, and will continue to be a central topic in my activities around nurturing Empathy in the Science, Technology, Engineering and […]


Stairway to Impact Award 2021 recognition from Dutch Research Council

This year is full of amazing news, and The Stairway to Impact Awards 2021 is a very good example. This recognition to the great team work of my collaborators will allow us to empower my students in creating pedagogical experimental demonstrators and organise the second edition of The Future Under Our Skin. In this video, […]


World Economic Forum featured Needle free injection!

The World Economic Forum featured our work! I had recently showed the reporters our needle free injection project. It was unexpectedly featured by one of the news outlets I follow the most! Most of the material came from this Reuters’ interview. A short video can be seen here. Our mock prototype can be seen in […]


Reuters visits my BuBble Gun lab: Virtually painless

Reuters presents our work: `Virtually painless’ needle-free injections developed in Netherlands! See also how the World Economic Forum also covered our work in this link to video. “Roughly one in five Dutch people are afraid of needles, said Henk Schenk, who offers therapy to help those suffering acutely. “Phobia of needles is more common than you […]


Apple sauce

While many were having a summer break, our work became cover of the Soft Matter volume 17 of 2021. Please, check the comparison with the famous work of Doc Edgerton ‘making apple sauce’. Tiny Giants‘ supported with the beautiful artwork. I am thankful of Miguel Quetzeri-Santiago, Devaraj van der Meer from the University of Twente and Ian Hunter from Massachusetts Institute of […]