The importance of Empathy for Engineers

My first assay in Dutch was published first at the KIVI website, and later appeared in print (shorter version) in the magazine De Ingenieur.

It deals with my meditations over the last couple of years, and will continue to be a central topic in my activities around nurturing Empathy in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

See upcoming book published by De Gruyter: Empathic Entrepreneurial Engineer, June 2022.

This message is the result of ongoing self-retrospection and meditation about our role as engineers, and my best wish to help other people who are willing to improve the world. Empathy can be roughly defined as “the ability to understand or predict the perspectives of others, and from that understanding, accurately identify what the needs and desires of that person or group are”. This quality, in my opinion can make a big change in the personal development of engineers, the economy and environment at large.
Printed version in De Ingénieur