Teaching is to grow, according to a wise Cuban, José Martí.
“Enseñar es crecer”. Carta a María Mantilla, April 9th, 1895.

Approach to teach
Approach to teach

If you are looking for an internship, project or job position don’t hesitate and contact me directly: d.fernandezrivas@utwente.nl_

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The courses currently taught are:
Innovating Reaction Systems  2.5 ECS

Past courses and other pedagogical activities
 Process Intensification Principles (2014-2017) 5 ECS

Graduate Surface Phenomena and Microfluidics, Chemical Engineering, University of Twente (2013) 5 ECS.



Current members (as direct supervisor):

  1. Akash Raman (PhD)
  2. Diana van der Ven (PhD)
  3. Jelle Schoppink (PhD)
  4. Dawid Surdeko (PhD)
  5. Miguel Quetzeri (Postdoc)
  6. Pep Canyelles (Postdoc)

Past Students and Researchers:

  1. P. van der Linde, PhD student (website), to defend April 4th 2019.
  2. M. F. Pappaterra, Ultrasonic reactor for water treatment. January-August 2019.
  3. Dr. L. Oyarte, Needle-free injection system development. 2017-2019.
  4. C. Berrospe, co-supervising PhD student from Optics Department Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica, Puebla Mexico. To defend in 2016.
  5. Silvia Di Caprera, bachelor student from University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’; supervised by BuBclean, 2014-2015.
  6. S. Mok, MSc. in Solar2Fuel Project.
  7. S. Wisman,
    a. MSc in Solar2Fuel, to defend in 2015.
    b. BSc in Solar2Fuel. University of Twente. Graduated 2014
  8. S. Wieringa, University of Groeningen to defend MSc. in dental cleaning techniques; supervised by BuBclean.
  9. Ralph van Zwieten, bachelor student working in Food processing with ultrasound, co-supervised with Wageningen University and BuBclean, 2015.
  10. T. Zanderink,
    a. Graduation project Cleaning 3D printed objects. Saxion HS Twente. 2014-2015.
    b. Internship on Microneedles Drug Loading. Saxion HS Twente. 2013.
  11. Youlin Liu. Bachelor internship; School of Chemistry and Materials Science; University of Science and Technology of China, Summer 2015.
  12. S. Schildkamp, University of Twente
    a. Defended MSc. in Solar2Fuel Project, 2014.
    b. BSc. Defended Sonochemistry Project in 2010.
  13. H. Klooster, University of Twente defended MSc. in 2012. Product engineer at Danielson Europe (2013).
  14. ‘Startrix’ project 2013 (Bachelor course of Advanced Technology, Universiteit Twente) supervised by BuBclean.
  15. BSc. J. Betjes, University of Twente 2012. Erasmus Mundus Master in Engineering Rheology.
  16. BSc. H. Donker, University of Twente 2011. Masters Mathematics, Groeningen.
  17. MSc. J. Rodríguez Ramos, InSTEC 2007. PhD on the topic of Condensed Matter Physics and Nanotechnology Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.
  18. Dipl. Eng. A. Reyes, InSTEC 2010. Universidad de Ciencias Informaticas, Cuba.