Publication in Physics of Fluids

The Physics of Fluids journal selected as Featured publication our latest results in the BuBble Gun project: Cavitation-induced microjets tuned by channels with alternating wettability patterns.

This work is the result of the visit of prof. Andrew Dickerson from the University of Tennessee last year in January. In this collaboration, we investigated the microjet generated from channels with alternating stripes of hydrophilic (strong affinity to water) and hydrophobic surface (repelling water). We found that these wettability patterns have a large influence on the direction and the focusing of the jets. This allows for further tuning of the jet characteristics and better control of the microfluidic jet formation. Furthermore, the work was selected by the editors as a featured article!

A figure taken from the published work, showing the different channel geometries (circular and rounded rectangles) and coating patterns, where the gold color indicates hydrophobic surface and the black hydrophilic. Figure b-d show experimental images of jets formed from these channels.