Future Under Our Skin Initiative

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The Future Under Our Skin

For the most recent developments, please check Future Under Our Skin (FUOS23).

Future Under Our Skin FUOS23


Future Under Our Skin 2019
Future Under Our Skin 2019


Our skin can give information about our health, mood, and surroundings. Medical and recreational tattoos have decorated humans for centuries. But we can inject other materials besides ink, such as sensing devices, nano- or bio-responsive materials. With the increased percentage of the tattooed population in recent years, new health challenges have emerged; but is also a unique possibility to “read from our own skin”, beyond an artistic design.

With funding from the NWA, MESA+, and TechMed, I kickstarted a meeting with invited scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, dermatologists, cosmetic permanent make-up technicians, tattoo artists, philosophers, and other experts. They also shared with us their vision on the current and future role that our skin has for improving the quality of life in an event open to the general public.


Participants Future under our skin
Some instants during Future under our skin event.


Here you can find some more pictures of the first event on April 18th, 2019.

This event has been covered in a Radio Interview, and two local Newspaper U–Today, And Tubantia.