My last day as Engineer of 2021

My last day as Engineer of 2021 felt very special. After receiving the Prins Friso Award from the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers KIVI I had the amazing opportunity to analyze what it means to be Engineer today, and what the future generations of problem-solvers will need for their education.

Empathic Engineering

Yesterday, I shared the highlights of my conclusions and announced the upcoming publication of my first book Empathic Entrepreneurial Engineering.

I want to thank the many supporters who voted for my nomination last year, and those who have continuously encouraged me on this path. To the colleagues from DeIngenieur and KIVI who now feel like family: thank you!
Finally, I would like to congratulate the three finalists (runner-up), Nikéh Booister winner of the Public Prize, and Marijn van Rooij, the Engineer of 2022, and wish them success in their future work!

A video with more information can be found here.

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